Important Information

To book an exclusive ride for your group please use the                            option to check prices and availability etc

All rides are graded Black (Difficult), Red (Intermediate) or Blue (Easy)

Black Grade - Will contain steep, technical descents suitable for experts

                        Distance approx. 20 miles with big climbs requiring good fitness

Red Grade - Will contain some technical sections (more difficult than a trail                                        centre red!) suitable for a rider with good skill and ability

                     Distance approx. 15-20 miles with climbs requiring above average fitness

Blue Grade - Will contain off road tracks of varying surfaces but minimal technical                             difficulty suitable for someone competent on a bike

                      Distance approx. 10 miles with some climbs requiring reasonable fitness

All ride timings are approximate

All participants must wear suitable protective equipment

All participants must ensure their bike is in full working order

By booking you are acknowledging your ability and fitness are sufficient to complete the ride

The guides instructions must be followed at all times

Participants must comply with all relevant road rules